Terms & Conditions

  • By accessing this website of LoGDest and confirming order with us, you acknowledge your acceptance of all the below mentioned
    LoGDest Terms and Conditions:

Quotation and Estimates

  • All quotations and estimates provided by LoGDest are valid for a period of 15 days from date of issue. Quotations not accepted within this timeframe must br re-issued.
  • All quotations are required to be accepted by revert acceptance email to LoGDest within the 15 day period from date of issuance.
  • All quoted prices, excluding where indicated, do not include Goods and Services Tax.
  • Estimates may be provided by LoGDest to offer the client a guide on the projected costing of a project prior to any discovery or research for said project. All estimates will be clearly marked as such and are not an indication of the exact final cost to develop the application.
  • All estimates will need to be formalized to a quotation or invoice before acceptance by either party as the final cost of the application.
  • LoGDest reserves the right to suspend the services/quotation at any time, without any prior information.

Payment Terms

  • All quotations provided by LoGDest, require a 50% deposit upon acceptance.
  • Unless prior arrangement has been made, final payment is strictly net 10 days from the date of completion.
  • Any cost arising from payment clearings or transaction charges are solely the responsibility of the client and will be charged as such.
  • LoGDest will only commence work on the quoted application once any deposited funds have cleared.
  • The customer will not be entitled for any service in case of delay in payment for more than 10 days from the final date of installation / date of project / module completion.
  • The AMC percentage shall be decided by the LoGDest; which depends upon the amount of efforts and work required. This % may vary each year.
  • The recurring / renewal amount of the domain and hosting are subjected to change as per the market rates.
  • LoGDest disclaims all warranties or conditions, whether expressed or implied, (including without limitation implied, warranties or conditions of information and context). We consider ourselves and intend to be subject to the jurisdiction only of the courts of Jalandhar (Punjab), India.

Residency Requirements

  • Minimum requirements for where the completed application will reside, will be provided on all LoGDest quotations.
  • The quoted cost on a LoGDest quotation is only valid if the minimum residency requirements are met or exceeded for said quotation.
  • LoGDest can provide, as an additional service, a package that will meet the stated requirements. The package offered will provide the most streamlined and cost-effective installation of the quoted application.
  • If a LoGDest package is not used to host the completed application, LoGDest will not be liable for any additional time or resources, above and beyond that already included in the quotation, required to get the completed application installed where the client has asked it to reside.
  • LoGDest will bill any additional time and or resources, above and beyond that already included in the quotation, required to get the completed application installed on the clients host at Rs.1,000 per hour. The minimum cost for this will be 2 hours at the above mentioned rate.

Intellectual Property

  • Unless specified all quotations provided by LoGDest, do not include any source code license.
  • All source code and associated intellectual property relating to said source code, developed by LoGDest, solely remains the property of LoGDest, except where specific code license has been issued to the client and said issuance has been indicated in writing from LoGDest.
  • LoGDest reserve the right to implement licensing features within the quoted application, except where code license has been issued by LoGDest.
  • Any alteration, reverse engineering, or manipulation of any kind on the code, compiled or otherwise, created by LoGDest for the quoted application may be a breach of trademark and copyright laws. If said breach is confirmed, penalties will apply under the relevant acts.
  • Any costs incurred by LoGDest for third party code license required to complete the quoted application are the responsibility of the client and will be solely borne by the client. Any such third party code license will be attached to the existing LoGDest code license for the quoted application.


  • Should the client wish to cancel acceptance of the quotation, LoGDest will invoice the client for any work completed to date, as a percentage of the total work involved.
  • The minimum cancellation fee will be 40% of the signed quotation.


  • Clients are required to ensure that the content of the application being quoted adheres to all the current Indian legislation regarding publication.
  • The client shall further indemnify LoGDest in respect of any claims, costs and expenses that may arise from any material included within the quoted application by LoGDest at the client’s request.
  • LoGDest reserves the right not to include any material supplied by the client within the quoted application if LoGDest deems said material inappropriate of offensive.
  • LoGDest will not populate the application with the final content unless said content is delivered to LoGDest in digital format prior to commencement of work. Said content, if available, will be used for testing purposes and may not be formatted how the client requires it. If content is not available mock placeholder content will be used.
  • It is the client's responsibility, in all cases, to ensure the applications content is displayed and formatted as they require. If the client cannot format the applications content, LoGDest will offer this service at LoGDest' current hourly rate at the time of the request.

Permissions and Copyrights

  • The client will obtain all necessary permissions and authorities with respect to the use of all copy, graphics, logos, names and trademarks and any other material supplied by the client to LoGDest.
  • Supply of said material by the client to LoGDest shall be regarded as a guarantee from the client that all such permissions and authorities have been sought and obtained for said material.
  • No responsibility will be accepted by LoGDest for damages or losses incurred by the client from the use of material for which permission or authority has not been obtained.

Errors and Liabilities

  • LoGDest will pursue due care to ensure applications create by LoGDest are free of errors.
  • LoGDest will correct any errors made by LoGDest staff in the undertaking of the quoted application.
  • LoGDest does not accept responsibility for losses or damage arising from errors within any application.
  • LoGDest does not accept responsibility for errors, damages, losses or additional costs that relate to third party products that LoGDest may require completing the quoted application.

Alteration or Change Request

  • Any alterations requested by the client after development has begun will incur extra development and regression testing time. Dependent upon the alteration or change requested an average of 3 days extra development time per alteration should be allowed for. The 3 day average may not be indicative of the time required and can be extended commensurate of the time involved to implement said changes.
  • LoGDest will not accept responsibility for any alterations performed by the client or any third party which may cause or induce errors within the quoted application.
  • If LoGDest applications are required to correct said alterations or errors resulting from said alterations, induced, injected or otherwise caused by parties other than LoGDest, the client will be charged at the hourly rate that is current for LoGDest at the time said errors are to be fixed.

Completion of Work

  • All timeframes offered by LoGDest to the client are estimates. The intrinsic nature of software development and its intricacies do not offer LoGDest the luxury of defining definite timeframes.
  • LoGDest will endeavour to complete all work within the estimated timeframes discussed with the client in the quotation. However, LoGDest will not be liable for any penalties, monies or hardships otherwise incurred by the client if the application cannot be delivered within the estimated timeframe.
  • LoGDest will not release the quoted application unless all payments have been met under the obligations of the quotation or work agreement.
  • If LoGDest does not have control over the residence (see Residency Requirements) where the finished work will reside then full payment must be made prior to said work being released by LoGDest.
  • The quoted application remains the property of LoGDest Software until all obligations have been met for release of said application to the client.
  • If LoGDest is working as a third party to another company, said company is responsible in meeting the obligations for release of the quote application to their client.

Changes to site and these Terms and Conditions

  • This Site and these LoGDest Terms and Conditions may be amended, revised, changed, updated or modified by LoGDest with or without notice. Please review this link on a regular basis for changes. Continued use of this Site following any change to the LoGDest Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of any such change to the LoGDest Terms and Conditions.